Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

21 August 2007

Hurricane Dean News

Just sharing the update on Hurricane Dean. All the trainees and volunteers were consolidated to the capital Belmopan. We have been here since Sunday and stocked up on food and water to ride out the storm. We were so well prepared for the electricity and water to go out and for the tropical force winds we would get in our area. In fact, we bought the best homemade wheat bread, but that is beside the point:)

Well, the storm came in early this morning and we are all well - in fact the power was only out for a little over an hour and we don't think we lost water. We're waiting for another update this evening on how the northern part of the country is doing - it got hit harder since it was closer to the eye. We are curious to hear how things were in Belize City since it is on the coast and parts are slightly below sea level, so we flood in heavy rain. It appears it wasn't too bad though, but we want to be sure Miss Udeen's place is doing alright!

We were scheduled to swear in tomorrow, but that will now happen later in the week after we get in our last two days of training (all has been on hold during the consolidation). Next time we post, we'll be sworn in volunteers - it's exciting. We are looking forward to the big event - it should be a great ceremony.

Take care and post us some thoughts! We'd love to hear from you.

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