Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

23 December 2007

It's Christmas Time in the City

Happy Christmas!

We have found that Belizeans love Christmas time. Many houses are decorated with tons of lights and the blow-up characters. Trees are in the houses and many, many people are finishing their annual home renovations (all done for Christmas - new curtains, re-upholstering furniture, re-painting, etc). Belize City has had a couple Christmas parades and all the major stores have been in full Christmas mode since early November.

Decorations around town. The snowman is on the roof of our landlord's house - we never even noticed until the night we went looking at the lights!
Trinity's Christmas Party Day - Santa came and the kids were really excited!

Enjoying a Christmas parade - not sure why Chester Cheetah and the Pink Panther were there!

While it's much warmer than we are used to at the holidays, the spirit is certainly surrounding us and we can't help but feel in the Christmas mood, despite wearing shorts and heading to the beach for our Christmas celebration.
To celebrate the hoidays, we hosted a night of holiday treats, music, and time with new friends. Anthony and I enjoyed cooking up some delicious treats to share and to bring the holiday spirit to everyone.
Santa greets our guests at the door.
The treats - applesauce oatmeal cookies, chocolate cake with caramel and m&m's, hummus, chips, and skittles and gummi bears from the states (this is before the many other treats arrived!)
Anthony made mini Christmas pizzas - a big hit, they went fast!

Just hangin'!

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