Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

23 January 2008

Saint Luke's Primary School Opens a New Classroom Building!

This week a new building was dedicated, blessed, and opened at Anthony's site, Saint Luke's Methodist Primary School, in Belize City. The building was part of an expansion plan to accomodate the growing population of students coming to the school. Currently our population is around 750 students, but is slated to increase a great deal over the next ten years as Belize City continues to expand its borders and the population grows. The event was attended by a number of local and district school managers, as well as some of the current political officers from the ministry of education office. Many of the students at the school participated through song and dance as we all welcomed the new expansion to our somewhat overcrowded campus. The building will serve as classrooms for Standard III, Standard II, and Infant I divisions (Grades 4, 3, and Kindergarten for those of you in the states). Both teachers and students welcomed the much needed space as their large classrooms moved into new areas where the students are now able to move around without knocking each other over. Many students also would like to send a special thanks to those of you who have sent us school supplies and other teaching materials. Everything is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The principal addresses students and invited guests at the festivities; An Infant I classroom performs a song for the crowd

The Reverend blesses the building during the dedication ceremonies

As many of you back in the states have requested, we have posted some pictures from our assigned sites. Below you will find some photos of some of my students as well as a short video clip of our award winning school choir performing 'Welcome to Belize' (ginnie's pictures will be posted soon). We hope that you are all enjoying our site and things are going well for everyone. We've continued to stay busy, but as promised, we'll try to update things as often as we can.

Students waiting patiently on the veranda for the ceremony to begin; Students from Std I pose for the camera

Std II and Std III students show their smiles (just in case you were wondering, they're not really camera shy)

The western corner of our school building as students wait with anticipation; Saint Luke's dance squad performs for the crowd

Our choir singing "Welcome to Belize" give it a listen, it's definitely worth it!

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