Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

28 March 2011

The Ancient City of Jerash

The ancient city of Jerash, just north of Amman, was our second site tour. We fought the jet lag after our first day and just got up to the alarm in order to be sure we had full days for the rest of our sight-seeing.This link provides more information on the city if you are interested. We read about the city as we walked through the stunning arches, impressive columns (both Ionic and Corinthian; you can tell the difference by the smoother lines of the Ionic and more curved center of the Corinthian). This is another site inhabited at different times by ancient Romans and then Umayyads. The varying architectural styles and different structures inform you of who built what. There are remains of a few Byzantine churches; some even have sections of detailed mosaic floors intact. We spent several hours walking through the site and exploring the history.

ginnie stood on that center divot in the theatre to take the photo of Anthony and had a Physics-geek moment when she spoke and heard the perfect acoustical amplification of her voice! once she moved just centimeters away the amplification was not as intense - the ability to utilize knowledge of sound waves to make this possible is incredibly amazing!!

Al Hub As-Salam!

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