Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

03 January 2009

A Quick Zip Through Our Trip

We've spent the past few weeks traveling through southwestern Nicaragua and various parts of Costa Rica. It was a great trip and there are lots of pictures and stories to share - but we thought we'd give you a quick snapshot as we prepare our more detailed posts.

Here's the "zip"-version :)

1. Colonial towns, fortresses, and lots of churches (but not enough Christmas music - what is up with that?)

2. Catching some waves as new surfers (well, Anthony has done it before, so this was a refresher lesson for him)

3. Relaxing in a volcanic lagoon and later in volcanic hot springs - all water that makes skin and hair so soft thanks to the sulfuric acid

4. Touring active volcanoes and watching red hot lava spew out of Arenal

5. The cloud forest - zipping 100s of feet above the valley, walking on hanging bridges through the treetops, hiking through at night to see two-toed sloths, coatis, insects, and sleeping birds (cameras didn't even disturb their slumber!)

6. Watching the world's largest turtle (leatherback) nesting in a ritual that's millions of years old

7. "Do you know the way [out of] San Jose?" because we sure didn't, and even directions from the locals were a bit questionable (I mean, couldn't they put up a few street signs?)

8. Eating too much really good cheese at Monteverde Cheese Factory and discovering chocolate flavored cheese and the mystery behind products like Happy Cow on a tour (Ginnie really likes cheese and this was her idea, but Anthony went along to make fun of her and he ended up learning a lot and enjoying it too)

9. So many beautiful birds, butterflies, speedy hummingbirds, exotic and poisonous frogs, deadly snakes, jumping monkeys, cows, and waterfalls

10. The most beautiful countryside (reminds us a lot of New Zealand, only with the addition of insects and poisonous creatures)

11. Meeting some of the friendliest people

12. Speaking lots of Spanish

13. Eating great food and finding a new love for rice and beans Costa Rican-style with gallo pinto (rice and black beans cooked with veggies, cilantro, and some great seasoning)

14. And, of course - taking lots and lots of pictures!

Central America has so much diversity in everything from the people to the climate to the animals and we have been so fortunate to see so much of it all and will definitely share it with you very soon!

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