Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

26 September 2007

Address Change and Important Mailing Information

We don't get much time online, so we haven't been able to put together a post yet for the September celebrations, but we will soon and will share our experiences and photos!

For now, we want to announce a new mailing address for letters (which we are still anxiously awaiting - get out your pens people) and packages (which we have greatly appreciated receiving, thanks so much for thinking of us!).

Mail will be sent to Ginnie's school, so you need to include her name on all the mailings - if it is specifically for Anthony, note that somewhere on the box please.

Virginia Gordon/Anthony Tarzia
Peace Corps Volunteers
Trinity Methodist School
#5 G Street Kings Park
Belize City
Central America

Also, please note the following important details for packages:
1) Please state the value as under $20 (due to taxes and duty) - maybe don't go so low if you are worried, but keep it under $50 if you can...
2) Please list any clothes or books as used
3) Please remove all price tags and stickers from items shipped
4) Mark books as education materials (or toss in some stickers and pencils to write education materials - though I don't want to risk too much with customs, so use your best judgment!)

Some school items we need:
1) Stickers (we can't get them here :( ) Staples sells books of motivation and praise stickers and Walmart and Target may as well
2) Construction Paper
3) I had crayons here, but turns out we found them for a good price, so we don't need them, plus they would probably melt!
4) Pencils and small erasers (that we can give to children)

It's a little disappointing, but these things are not readily available for teachers around here and you should see how excited the kids get just to have a sticker!

our other favorite surprises are noted on the mailing information section of the page, you know we enjoy receiving candy and can always use more insect repellant - we found the Off Family Clean Feel one that is blue and contains Picaridin is pretty good and a nice alternative to DEET. And Gold Bond body powder in the green bottle is nice too as an add in on any care packages if it fits:) If you do happen to send these things, please put them in ziploc bags in case they get banged around a lot and happen to come open.

Take care and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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