Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

03 September 2007

Hurricane Felix

It feels like deja vu as we sit in Belmopan for another consolidation, but unfortunately Felix is heading to Belize and expected to be here on Wednesday. If you've been watching the weather channel as we have, you will learn a lot about Felix and his projected path and strength (it was category 5 but went down to category 4 this morning, yet it also slowed down, so it could pick up winds speeds again... we have really learned a lot about hurricane tracking in the past few weeks) Don't worry about us since the Peace Corps is taking care of us, but please keep our Belizean families and friends in your thoughts and prayers as we are worried about all of them and hoping they are safe through the storm. All this global warming is wreaking havoc and it really is hard to watch how devastating it is for a country still growing. Dean did a lot of damage to the north and now this will just add so much - so please keep all of us in mind and do your part to conserve energy, resources, and stop the progress of global warming and these bigger storms and the crazy heat waves we hear about hitting the states - a PSA to help save the world!

Everyone has been told to evacuate the coast, and Belize City is expecting to be hit. We just flooded from a tropical wave on Wednesday and the ground is saturated there, so we anticipate a lot of flooding, and with the increased rainfall and winds and high tide, it could get messy - plus we are sitting slightly below sea level in parts of the city. We are thinking about our families, friends, schools and all the Belizeans preparing to protect their homes, families, and belongings.

You will not hear from us for several days since we will not have email access and it is likely our phone will not work. If you try to call us and can't get through, don't worry it probably just means the phone lines are down. Also, if there is some emergency, PC will directly contact emergency contacts for us, so no news is good news really :) After things settle down from the storm and we have a plan for returning to site and whatever steps are next, we will get to an internet site when we can and post an update.

We hope you are all well and send our love. Keep us and Belize in your thoughts.

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