Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

05 September 2007

Close Call

Well, you may know from the news that Felix stayed in Honduras and Nicaragua and just hit the southern tip of Belize with rains. Although, we are getting some pretty heavy rains on and off today, but they seem to just be from outer bands. We were luky to avoid this one, but definitely feel for the people of Nicaragua and Honduras and have our thoughts with them.

Schools will open on Tuesday next week, after the Monday St. George's Caye Day Holiday. We are waiting to hear if Carnival is still on for Saturday and excited about the start of the September celebrations. We should have an update in a week or two with news from the celebrations and the start of school. Until then, feel free to write those letters:)


kellie said...

So glad you guys are safe... Happy birthday, Ginnie! (Sorry I am a little off on that!)

Suzy said...

Hey Guys! I am glad to hear all is well. I enjoy reading your blog. We did a little used book drive at school and have some books I'd like to send you all. Should I just send them to the address on here? Let me know if you all need anything else we could send you or if I should ship them a special way!