Where in the world are we?

Where in the World are We?

21 June 2009

"This Day Ill!" (aka Club GLOW Fun Day)

Today 6 GLOW girls came over for our end-of-year party. It was described by Nolvia in the words of the title, "This day ILL!" I am really glad they had such a good time. I don't think Anthony or I sat down once during the 4 hour festivities, but we really enjoyed it. "Big op" to Anthony for being our pizza dough chef, our tie-dye timer and rinser, and all-around awesome support.

The day began with tie dye (thanks to Erin and Mrs. Tarzia for the dyes) since we needed time for the shirts to soak, rinse, and hang. The girls enjoyed making random knots and patterns with their elastic bands to see what surprises would be in store once the shirts were finished. We had a grand plan to mix colors to make a few more options, but the girls were most happy with red and blue.The day continued with making personal pizzas on Anthony's infamous whole wheat dough. We offered pineapple as a topping and no one took us up on it - no adventurers today. The girls loved tomatoes, onions, and cheese: lots of cheese :) We also made Ginnie's banana-oatmeal cookies. They are a modified recipe from applesauce-oatmeal cookies; since bananas are super affordable, the recipe is one the girls can bring home to make (Yolanda even wrote it today to take home). All the girls took part in the cookie making process and were eager to measure, mix, and shape the cookies; and even more eager to eat them!

While the pizza was cooking, the girls sorted through the variety of beads to select what they wanted to use to make bracelets and necklaces. We also popped in the movie "Cinderella Story," which Taniesha brought along. Once bellies were full with pizza, the girls finished the movie and an intense game of UNO began. In the meantime, shirts made their way through the tie-dye process and the cookies came out of the oven and found their way immediately to the girls' bellies. I gave the girls their gift bags filled with fun activity pads, crayons, stamps, erasers, and a personal card reminding them how special they are.

The day truly was a fun day; Anthony and I were pretty pooped after all the energy and excitement of a house filled with pre-adolescent girls, but it was worth it for the giggles and the smiles. I have really loved working with GLOW and am so proud of the girls for being leaders in their lives and communities. I have no doubt these young women will take Belize by storm and succeed in everything they do. They have made my life richer for being a part of it and I will always have a special place for them in my heart - I love you, GLOW girls: Keep GLOWing!

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